Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Loving Chios 

Today was my last day on the island. Last night, we had an amazing dinner in the old port on the waterfront. We went to the rock'n'roll outdoor sit-down bar we always go to. We were joined by my ex-stepsister and her brother and an old flame who abducted me and took me to Satva, the only bar open for dancing until late on weekdays. Dance we did. This booty shook like it hasn't in a while, dancing indiscriminately to everything. I went home at six to a quick breakfast and a disgusted aunt.

Today I bought gifts and put off packing, opting for a longer last day at the beach. My swimming buddy and I swam further and deeper than we've had and the water was clearer and warmer than it has been. The wind's died down and it is exquisite. Joined the bar faction for a glass of wine at six, laughed and talked and killed more packing-time and was somehow talked into seeing a man about a ticket, later in the week. Second glass of wine is not the best time to consider practicalities- I'm the one who's been lecturing folks to do whatever they want, when they want to. So I decided I want to stay a little bit longer. The note is too high to leave, still.

We went into town and sure enough I don't have to lose the ticket; I can pay a fine and change it to an open one. I am sacrificing my bed on the slowboat and will have to go third class, when I do go. Caged fowl sighting is now a certainty. But I can go any day, now. And I can relish a day or two more of my favorite sea and some wonderful people. And if it proves to be overkill, I will bear that in mind for next time.

Walked down to the port, just as the ship I should have been on was pulling out, tearing through the moonbright waters as I watched and smiled. I'm on bonus time, and it's all sweetness.

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