Wednesday, March 01, 2006

For this 

Having fun while I work for nothing. There is nothing like this business and I conceded that it does excite me and fulfill me and tantalize me. To be a part of a team of enthusiastic beautiful warm crazies (in addition to those at my shala!), to take care of people, feed them, make them smile, educate them, spin their expectations upside down and inside out, hang out, share, kid, connect.

To be in a position to dictate which days I work, what hours, scheduling around yoga and Sanskrit classes and puja and, soon, ashram visit. Insane, amazing. No more shame, that the restaurant industry is somehow inferior to any multitude of corporate whatevers. Nothing beats it the kind of excitement it can inspire, the way the hours can fly by, the way it can connect you to others.

Walking into the lights towering over Times Square, winter winds ripping tears from my eyes and snot from my nose, I look up, dizzied, keep smiling. We had a series of soft openings, dinner and now, lunch too. These next few weeks and coupla months will show if we are to be the success we can be, or another NY restaurant failure story. No matter. I am having so much fun, working for nothing.

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