Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Winter time 

He finally emerged from his cave, all pale skin and piercing eyes. Danced across the pond, dodging the boys on their skates, sprinkling powdered-sugar snowflakes in his wake. I can’t expect body to yield and bend as it does in the warm sweet days of summer. So it is, for a while.

It will be plenty hot in Florida in March, though. My guruji is visiting the US, opening a school to teach at in the Keys. I will be there- in large part thanks to the generously open doors of my hosts in somewhat-nearby Miami. We’ll be shuttling down to Islamorada for the 7a.m. led classes. What sweet craziness. I can’t wait.

In the meantime, am really enjoying my time in the City and at the ’shram. This place is seeing a remarkable renaissance wherein a good-sized handful of twenty- and thirty- somethings live and work here, in addition to the old guard, folks who’ve been here for a decade or three. Normally (certainly in the 3 years I’ve known this place for) wintertime is low season, dead, with hibernation and cabin fever being the order of the day for ashram residents and (the brave one or two) guests alike. Yet here we are in the heart of (what will hopefully prove a short) winter, and there’s a constant flow of workshops and rentals and guests. In February! Which is practically March. Which is certainly springtime. The days have gotten noticeably longer, already- isn't it 3 minutes more daylight, every day?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy new year 

Yes, it is.

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