Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Email from Mysore 

>From: "anju1982"
>Reply-To: "anju1982"
>Subject: heyyyyy tina
>Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 15:27:06 +0530
>hi tina
> how r u? got it this is radha from mysore. sorry i could not mail you . belated
> happy birthday .you know something i got a new friend from spain. she was sweet >like you.

>you know tina i really miss you . HAPPY CHIRSTMAS .And happy new year. you know >something that nidi will be asking you ever day.when u will be coming down to >mysore .

>DASARA WAS VERY BEAUTIFUL. you really mised it. tina keep mailing me.
>SEnd me chirstmas photo from ur place. how is ur mom and dad. say them i asked them
>i really miss you.
>take care, mail me dont forget .

HI RADHA!! I am so glad you wrote to me!!

I think about Mysore all the time, and look at my pictures very often and speak of all of you whenever I can. I miss Jayarama's place and your neighborhood and the view from the balcony and hearing "hello auntie" every morning and practicing at Guruji's shala and all the wonderful sweets and warm people and chatting with you on my stairs. I miss India so much, and cannot wait until the next time I can come and visit, and the time after that- because I know I will keep returning through the years.

Glad to hear someone nice stayed at the apartment after me- it is a special place. Have you been on any more job interviews? How are things at home? Seeing my family in Greece was very special, but also a little difficult because they all miss me very much and want to keep me there! My father is doing great, he is in good health and has a new appreciation for many things in life. I have a job at a great Greek restaurant that I like very much, and am slowly beginning to start saving money for my next trip to Mysore. Guruji is coming with his family to teach in America this coming spring, and we will see them in NY in May. Hopefully I will have enough money to come back in 2006. Which is really just over a year away. I hope you won't forget me by then!! Maybe I can stay until October for my birthday and all the wonderful holidays that time of the year. By then, I am sure there will be many changes in Gokulam and inside you, also.

Send me your mailing address, please! Also please send all my love to your family and Jayarama's family and Chettana's family and Jimmy's family and Parvati and Kiran and Ragu, too.

With so much love and many blessings, your friend Tina from New York.

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