Saturday, May 13, 2006

Flower picking 

So grateful to live in a city where one can go to five different yoga studios, all thriving, within as many minutes of each other down at yoga central-Union Square. From my favorite many-veggie-options $4 Chinatown buffet to the $7 all-you-can-eat little India veg-fests. Dodge tourists and blinding lights in Times Square or sunbathe in solitude in Riverside Park.

I used to think that having many choices was the ultimate luxury. To have many dozens of Tees and tanks and pants and socks and tops and bags and books to choose from was just the ultimate. Now I am seeking the freedom in simplifying and paring down, just a touch. Returning to the same people and places, year in and out, finding my own voice. Truth is, I kinda like it.

Livng that dream, this year. Where I work just a few days at the restaurant and get to practice at Eddie's and see my friends, then take off for the country upstate and stay at the ashram and work and connect and learn and love there, also. And, finally, to teach, too. After subbing a few classes last year and this, the Monday morning class is mine. A chance to really get to know some people week in and out and maybe, help them a little. Share what I have taken thus far, from the wealth I've enjoyed, do enjoy. To play a little jazz, after practicing the scales for that long while.

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