Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Devi days 

Today is the first (of nine) days of the devi, or goddess. Happy Navaratri. Things are shifting all around as my feet slip and slide and crunch through the ankle-high snow last week's storm brought. The lake polished silver with a gold sun-strip as I did my sun salutations this morning.

The birds are flirting though, even as the deer, scraggly and fluffy in their winter guise, eye us curiously until someone takes out the critterfeed. Will report back next week on new developments.

Om namaschandikayei namaha.

Edit: extra prayers for guruji to be well and recovered soon.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Thawing out 

Spring is officially on her way back, with a loving but firm kick in the butt to winter.

The geese, so vocal and visible at the ashram during the sweeter months, came back this weekend. As did Joan Suval, the warm and wonderful mother figure at the ashram who does readings and talks every Saturday. She, too, heralds better weather soon-coming. Ashram crush asked me to join him for prasad, the other day. In ashram terms, that’s practically a date! We also lost an hour of sleep, gained an hour of light, this weekend. Didn’t even know it was just us, this country (ok, and Canada), until today. The winter wonderland is melting into the ground, dripping and pooling and leaving mud in its wake everywhere. The lake is still blindingly white and icy, but Harvey drags the canoe behind him, these days, as he walks home the shorter way, just in case those cracks decide to expand under his feet.

So, a few shifts, of late. The major one: India is sooner than that ever-receding horizon I would eye and wink at but not approach. I’m planning on going halfway there in August, anyway. If I don’t spend all my money on shopping and holidaying over the next several months, I just might be able to swing 2-3 months with Guruji in Mysore and a month or so traveling with friends. I have a couple of people I know planning to go next fall. This fall.

This led (or was it inspired by?) my choice to just stay put in South Miami with Chris and Wendy and not go see friends in West Palm Beach and not chill in Miami Beach for a mini-vacay. The beach is everywhere, and I am going to Florida to see Guruji. If I can have an extra day at the workshop, and spend time with the wonderful people I will be seeing, that’s all I need to do. And the few-hundred dollars not-spent will do quite nicely in Vrindavan or Rishikesh, thanks.

Now I can start thinking about where in India I want to be for my birthday in mid-October. Probably in Mysore, by then. But the possibilities are as vast and amazing as she is. I’ve missed her, and can’t wait to get back to her.

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