Monday, February 26, 2007

Winter Sunday 

Last night we stayed up late, singing to Radha and Krishna and Shiva. Some stayed up 'till early. I yogarella'd out at around one.

Right after practice this morning, I crossed the ice-crunching lawn and joined my friends in Sanskrit class.

After lunch, I stole the bright orange round plastic sled-thing and let it take me hurtling down the hill, startling about twenty deer off the island with my screams of laughter. Landed on the shores of the solid lake. Which I took a walk on.

Man, I love the ashram in winter.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why I am single? 

Gato is my neighbor's cat. Really, she is. Even though she pretty much lives with me. Even though I leave the door open for her when I go away so she can hang out. Even though she greets me at the stairs when I come back, and anchors me to the City and West 89th Street when I think of living elsewhere. She is my neighbor's cat, and I love her. Who am I to deny my inherent Cat-Ladiness? Looking to be O-for-32 in the never-having-had-a-date-for-St.-Valentine's Day department. I will wear black and laugh with my eyes.

Why are you single?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bienvenudos a Miami 

The perfect remedy to the coldest day in two years: booking my flights for the Florida trip- 3/28 to hang out in Palm Beach and/or Miami with friends, then the shuttling to the workshop with guruji & Co. 4/1 thru 4/6, when I rush back to help out for the big weekend at the 'shram.

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