Tuesday, December 05, 2006

At Prayag 

Still feeding off those vibrant thanksgiving days and nights, every day and night this past week have been filled with a quiet constant joy and gratitude. With the exception of prasad last night at the Krishna Consciousness Temple (yes, that's the Hare Krishnas- worthy of a whole other post at another time!) wherein ghee was unavoidable, have successfully avoided any animal products all this week.

New system is in place at the restaurant, where those of us who have been there for a while have expanded section and work with a back-waiter who does everything for you. With a runner to serve for you. And a busser to clear for you. And a coffee guy to- well, you get the picture. It’s been amazing, how much stress has been relieved and how happy I’ve been to devote myself to spending more time with the guests, explicating, reassuring, guiding. Making happy.

Am beyond thrilled to have two new weekly classes at Prayag Center, a center in uptown Manhattan that is closely ideologically aligned to the direction I want to take. Very community-oriented, lots of outreach stuff and animal welfare promoting and unabashedly real. Real cool, that is.

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