Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Permanent here. 

"Special" puja anounced at the studio for a Monday evening. The usual few- plus a couple more.

Guruji, with his daughter and grandson, grace us with their presence. They pray with us, receive blessings with us, sit with us.

Seated near him, I receive the verbal summons: "You. Permanent here?" I scurry over, request clarification, verify that indeed, family all there [Greece]. As I've been slowly, confirming, since last summer, I am here. "Permanent".

Monday, April 03, 2006

The darshan 

Our Guruji was here last week, teaching with his daughter and grandson, at a new window-framed light- and love-filled space. What I am learning, cultivating, hoping for, is to posess the kind of love and generosity he has for all; from the first-time drop-in to the decades-long practitioner, he is just so there for you and present in that moment, his warmth and love exploding over cultural or language barriers until it's just pure light.

So good to see so many I cross paths with, over the last five years that I've been lucky enough to have this practice, these teachings, this community, in my life. So many from all over I will keep seeing and sharing that abundance of love and gratitude for this practice, this life.

We are so very blessed.

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