Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Urban Zen? 

Once, every couple of years, I question where I'm at and where I'm going. This is that time, again, where in my heart I know- it's just taking the other faculties a while to catch up and concede.

It's a matter of reconfiguring directions, not making any about-faces. So, I sit tight, and wait for it to catch up.

Or maybe I will run away from it for a while, and go play a while longer.

You need to go back to India!!!! (As do we all ....)
I do need to go back to India... at least, that's what I feel most days. Once in a while I echo my dad's "why do you need to go to India?", when I can be challenged and taught and exposed to new vistas anywhere, and here. The Libra is doing some major vascillating, even from day to day. Maybe I will book a bunch of oneway flights. Or a round trip to Greece, and go in January. Or play it by ear, still, from month to month. Sure wish I knew which way the pendulum is landing. It's gonna hit one side, sooner or later. Hopefully sooner, just 'cause the not-knowing is unsettling. I am probably going to be a gyspy, still. But I might break it up into 2 trips. Wish I knew.
Hi! I can only say ....... I'm not totally sure of your situation but I think I'm similar in that my whole family is in Spain and I live here (in L.A). I met my wife in Mysore and we have two small kids (2&4) and now IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get back there. Her family is also in Europe and if we have the cash (and even if we don't) that's where we have to go. It is a duty that we (mostly) happily fulfill and it is great to see our kids running around naked and eating icecream all time and so so so loved but the part of our lives that brought us all together and is so deeply dear to us seems somehow impossible to reach. (This is actually why I found your blog -- when you were there. It is very well written and sweetly projected the spirit of the place to me, so thank you for that.) We will manifest it again. Guruji told us this year but I'm not sure. Good luck with your plans. You will do the right thing.
Jesse, thank you for your beautiful note. I grew up running around naked eating ice cream in greece, so can appreciate how amazing it is to let kids run free and be with family when you can. Have worked really hard to have few commitments and responsibilites so I can take off. Now have the funds, and can take time off. But it feels weird, thinking about a trip without seeing Guru-ji, without taking class, going to conference. I have other things I want to do in India, but in conjunction with spending time in Mysore, not instead of. Maybe things will be more back to normal in the early New Year? January is now looming as a more distinct possibility, since September is practically tomorrow!
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