Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Birthday week 

Mine holds a noose and a goad and a bowl of our favorite ladoos. His right hand is in abhaya mudra, protection and no fear. His abundant belly holds the universes of universes, and he is smiling behind his trunk. I wear him around my neck and in my heart and this week, we celebrate the joyous event of his birth. He is Ganesha, lord of obstacles and groups, of knowledge and new undertakings, son of Siva and Parvati: beloved Ganapati.

Looking forward to enjoying some of the festivities at the yoga school, and going "back to school" after Labor day all new and fresh.

The retreat with Eddie and John and master Thurman up at Tibet House's retreat Center near Woodstock was completely magical. Rich and fun and touching and inspiring and beauty-filled. Heck, if these guys weren't dealing with such weighty matters, they'd make a great stand-up routine. Who knew? Hopefully this was the first of several such retreats in the future. And if it's to be just the one, I am forever grateful I got to go. Om sri Ganeshaya namaha.

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