Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Guru purnima 

Today is Guru Poornima. Last year I stayed at the ashram, chanted the guru stotram and reminisced about the year prior when I was in Mysore with our guruji. This year, I chose to leave upstate early and join my friends and fellow practitioners at the shala. Sweet, because we were all together and honoring our teacher. Sad, because we were not together with him. Maybe I can make it so that the '07 pilgrimmage falls on one end of the birthday celebrations. Just to be there and thank him.

Brahmaanandham Parama Sukhadham Kevalam Jnaanamurthim
Dhvandhvaatheetham Gagana Sadresham Tathvam Asyaadilakshyam
Ekam Nityam Vimalam Achalam Sarvadhee Saakshibhutham
Bhavaatheetam Trigunarahitham Sadguru Tam Namaami
Sadguru Tam Namaami

Other than today, have been so happy to be exactly where I'm at. Every day.

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