Sunday, December 25, 2005




Perhaps worse than being stuck in an outer borough during a mass transit strike is being marooned on the Upper West Side. 89th and Riverside, which I cherish for how quiet and quaint and park-accessible it can be. But I practice and play and work downtown.

Never believed the strike would happen. When it did, and was not resolved Day 1, found myself completely wheel-less and far from where I needed to be. So I did what any Greek-bred New York-born thirty-something would do: I hitched.

Made a sign that read SOUTH. Added a :o) for good measure, and hit West End Avenue. Two ladies in a minivan took me to 66th and Broadway, where I brandished said sign in the middle of the street. All the "no"s I got were with a smile, and a van with four Mexican plumbers took me all the way downtown. With an hour to spare.

So glad and relieved we get to have Christmas after all. Feee-ewe.

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