Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yoga Bum 

Funnny how you climb over the fence, and the grass ends up a slightly different shade, when you stick your head in it. Patterns I'd so envied and craved for, stuck at the deskjob, now within reach, a daily occurence. The freedom of flexible time, time to take it slow, take it in. Almost like Mysore.

Take my time in the mornings, get some stuff done and head downtown at the positively late-late hour of ten-something, skipping rush hour both on the subway and at the shala. The eleven o'clock class is much more quiet; after the stretch of self-practice in Greece, the early class seems like shouting to the gentle whispers that had been. So I seek out the murmur of the late shift- that's actually picked up a lot of steam, last few weeks. Still more mellow, though.

On the tangible front. After a few weeks' wait, to find my NY feet and reconnect, found out the restaurant has a senior server from now-defunct sister restaurant on staff, and though they love and miss me don't really have a shift or three for me. Although they'll keep me in mind for parties and such. Ouch. Have been assisting Alison twice a week, and doing some babysitting, and limiting my spending to $10 a day. Which can be tough, eating veggie-mostly-macro-organic, in NY.

Amazing though, how much I'm realizing I don't need. Like going shopping every week or two for things I already have plenty of. So much of. Next couple of years will work on needing less, acquiring less. Having less. Tastes of how this can be, is, doable. Like so much I once thought, not.

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