Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanks Giving 

Times Square subway station, en route to practice. Notice a man on the periphery, grinning at me. A glance in that direction reveals that he is flipping me the bird, hand against his chest, shining eyes slitted by a wide mouth.

Both times I sneezed in crowded subway cars, someone was there to bless me.

Man, I love this cuckoo-town. Hope everyone has a special holiday.

Nice vignette...Lauren
Hey, thanks! Enjoy some of your writing, also.
This is funny. It happened to me, too. In Europe when one sneezes we wish them "health" (Geia sou in Greek or Gezondheid in Dutch, similar to Gesundheit in German) US is where I was first blessed when sneezing and so unique. Perla
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