Monday, November 07, 2005

Home grounds 

Effortlessly and blissfully immersed in quiet, practice, community- things I'd missed in the land of sun. Have not yet procured a phone- cell or land, which has put off getting in touch with so many that I hold so dear, here. Although I did call my worrying dad today, since they'd not heard from me yet. Grounding, seeking, stabilizing, preparing.

Next stop? Next step. Steps. Question marks with answers flashing between towering buildings, like the late-autumn light I try to catch, some late-afternoons. Steep inclines, spiral roads. Answers, slowly crystallizing. Sometimes it seems like having options can be as tough as having but one choice- still tough. Only different. Chains to be had there, also.

Treading slowly, carefully, with a heavy weight and a light touch.

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