Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Thirty one 

Ready, now. Fall becomes Athens. Also makes mind and spirit yearn for pre-practice SoHo, pink skies and wan sun, empty street with yesterday's litter strewn everywhere flying up in the cooler air, singing too loud and wearing too many layers. Knowing warm space and spirits await in the yellow rooms on Broome Street.

Very special birthday. First Friday birthday in years. Self-practice in my friend Yianna's spacious living room, with the bright heater a small encouraging sun. Tattoo on my left ankle, there for a few years, became manifest finally, after Zymdad etched it out and I got it inked in my old neighborhood. Finally balanced, well. Crescent moon to right ankle's Venus, keeping each other company in the skies, embracing when I sit in lotus. Feeling, well, complete.

Evening congregation at the oldest taverna in Psyrri, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Athens. First shift included family, niece and nephew, old friends of my mom's, old friends of mine. All caught up in catching up and capturing these golden moments, these images, this love. Me? Eyes beaming, joy-filled smiles so wide almost grotesque. In lieu of cake, massive tray piled mountain-high with an assortment of my favorite greek (phyllo-nut-honey sirruped variations) desserts, topped with mastic ice cream and cinnamon. Candle and sparkles were there, also. Second shift, more friends for drink at favorite rock bar, not too far from there. So fulfilled and content. Better than I ever dared to hope it could be. Now, I can take another ten years abroad. Now, I'm looking forward to another however-many years abroad.

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