Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Skyros photos 

Finally posted a few pics from the magic that was Skyros. On my flickr page. My piece of land and "villa kotetsi" are just to the right of the beach inland, past the pier ("molos") in the photo above, in the Kambos area ("Valley"- valley). You can see the main town, Chorio, perched on the cliff, and, well, whatever else leaps out.

The intensity and beauty of the Crete experience tried to diminish the love and wealth I found on this tiny wind-battered island. This place of waves purring and village hiding in the clouds and street dancing and beachglass collecting and house cleaning and picking heavy pomegranates and figs from my trees, and sunfall watching and donkeys patiently bearing their masters and goats as wedding presents and child-sized carved chair to take to America as parting gift, and few washing machine and rinsing blankets in sea, and snails and wild greens gathering, and open doors and laugh-crinkled eyes. All hugged by Chios in the distance.

If you took a boat from Molos and headed due southeast, you'd hit the west coast of Chios. Pretty wild, that, too.

Tinuli I am so glad that you posted those pictures they are beautiful! You have a talent for story-telling and picture-taking. Girl you should seriously consider writing travel books. Honestly! Love you, miss you. Perla
Give me a call when you are back in the USA (enia, ochto, enia) efta enia miden - dyo exi ena enia. Perla
Thank you, sweetlady. Pote tha mas ertheis mia volta apo NY? Talk to you soon.
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