Thursday, October 06, 2005

Moonday practice 

Whoops. Ashtanga is traditionally undertaken six days a week, Sunday thru Friday, with the exception of moondays- new, and full. Having enjoyed nightskies bright with stars, with Venus rising over pink clouds and golden waters, silver shaft on dark nightsea, a coupla days ago wondered when the moonday was. No-one seemed to know. Evidently it was Monday-or-Tuesday. Ahh, so.

Don't want to judge practice, and for the most part usually do ok with leaving things be and accepting where I'm at, but I will say: practice has been awesome here. It's taken about these two months for my body to begin to recover from the assault it took with all the repetitive motions that waitressing entails. Much as I love doing it, walking and lifting and pouring and walking and standing all night are not especially conducive to "advancing" one's asana practice. Not to mention the fatigue by week's end, quadriceps screaming, shoulders howling. These last few weeks, keeping at keeping at it, have actually seen some movements and capabilities not seen since my days in Mysore. Except there's more depth and patience now. She says. Ay-yuhunh, practice has been awesome here.

There's something very special lurking just around the corners, here on the south shore of the southernmost island of Greece. Warm south winds taunt and tease the surface of the sea, colors and texture everchanging. If one could take a boat and head straight down, one would hit African shores. Wild, that. May have to revisit these shores, this place, these people.

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