Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fighting technophobia 

Can barely believe it, but there ya go. In reverse chronological order, Chios pics.


More, soon coming.

Ha! I've added you as a flickr contact!

Yet another level of techno-literacy! :)
Someday maybe I'll know what a flickr contact is... Psyched to be able to narrate with pics, too.
God! Tina, the older you get you the more you look sooooo much like your mom!!! You also seem to have the same free and independent spirit like her. Love you and miss you, Perla
Ehh Perlaki, so good to her from you. Thanks for staying in touch- moments like these really validate my keeping on blogging.

Is your email still the one with your name plus paddy at hotmail? I will be back in NY mid-late October, most likely... unless I stay on Crete forever!
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