Saturday, September 25, 2004

Missing Mysore 

Well, it's begun. The processing and wondering and reminiscing that I had no time for in Greece are taking hold. After a very necessary time for rest and adjusting and getting back into my practice and figuring out retail versus restaurant (restaurant won for now- the money should be better and we'll see what that does to practice), am now looking for work and enjoying fall in the city.

Not enough opportunities to proclaim and exclaim "wheee!" like I would in India and Greece (albeit not outloud, at least most of the time). Want to create a few as I embark on a new schedule and lifestyle, bring some of the excitement and cultivate the fresh wide eyes I had abroad in this day-to-dayness. To be brave enough to wear flowers in my hair sometimes, as I often did in India.

There is a newstand vendor I see sometimes from Mumbai. His family is there, and he has a piece of paper on which he counts down the days he has left, until he can return to India and move to Bangalore with his wife and kids. I popped by last week: "how many?". "Three hundred and sixty-seven. Thank you for asking." His eyes were shining with tears unshed as he spoke. My countdown to Greece has not yet begun. There is a lot I need to learn and live here, still.

Ela Chiotissa, can you email spiros at souljerky dot com please? -- danke danke efhkarristo!
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