Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Some snapshots 

From the Only In Greece files: Midday, beachside hotel pool. Middle-aged Skandinavian dude in the shallow end with oxygen tank strapped to his back. Instruction and encouragement shouted from very heavyset Greek guy in Speedos under a black tshirt. In between hungry puffs off his cigarette.

People here seem to be really into the slogan-tshirt. Young guy at bar; front: "Men like well-maintained bush", in caps. Not sure if the back made some reference to the American president. Likely not. Young girl in tight outfit and heels: "sexy sexy sexy". Also in caps. Not too obvious- maybe paired with the bag bearing the same, also spotted? Not-attractive young guy with mullllet: "Sex games", with stick figures approximating various sexual positions. No beating around the bush metaphorical or otherwise.

Last night, stayed at the beach until well after twilight, played catch-up with an early love, dove into dark waters of iridescent purplegreen silver surface.

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