Saturday, July 31, 2004

These days 

Day before yesterday, sat at a cafe with the sea on three sides with my dad and his sister and watched the moon get bright on the water. I drank Perrier and stole a good few spoonfulls of aunt Maro's ice-cream, while Zym enjoyed a gin and tonic. On the way back, we stopped for souvlakis- mine was without the souvlaki- tomato and tzatziki and onion and french fries in a grilled pita.

Yesterday, visited my cousin's home in a village a little outside of town. She and her husband had their meal while I held their as-yet-unnamed four month old son. I took a walk in their fields of gold and ventured into the henhouse, an elaborate affair about seven thousand times the size of my studio in New York, squatted and watched the chickens and bunny rabbits scampering about around me.

Today, donned a blue jean mini skirt under a pale pink strappy top and went to the beach with the parental unit. We lounged on crimson beach chairs while the waves sang to us and children ran by. We ate at a taverna that's been around since the 1930s and lapped at our ice creams in the soft afternoon sun.

Beginning to enjoy moments here more and mourn for what was, less. It's all still here, anyway.

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