Monday, June 07, 2004

One more! 

Today was the first day Guruji and Sharath got to call out "one more!!" as they sent someone who finished practice off to do finishing, and a spot in the practice room was made available for the next person waiting in the hall. Maybe a dozen new arrivals over the weekend, as the momentum of people arriving in higher numbers, here for Guruji's birthday and beyond, starts to build a little. I welcome it, and am relishing practicing in a room alive with bodies in motion, mat to mat.

As I was happily driving along yesterday, what felt like a shard of glass dropped from the fifth floor embedded itself right over my right eye. Chanting owowowOWOWOW! I pull over and have a look in the rearview mirror and pull out a bee or hornet stinger, replete with little bug-guts. I now have a sizable bump over my right eyebrow, so the scab of a mosquito bite half an inch away need not feel lonely anymore. So much for a coupla months in India transforming the exterior; still waiting for the skinny bendy tanned Tina that would emerge, enlightened. OK and happy with the Tina that still is, though, mosquito bumps and all.

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