Saturday, June 26, 2004

Function week 

My neighbors refer to any social event, be it a concert or a lunch or a puja, as a “function”. This week, many functions are there as we gear up for Guruji’s big birthday bash next Friday and celebrate a whole bunch of birthdays this weekend and send off several people leaving over the next few days and a whole bunch immediately following the big celebration. Very reminiscent of the end of March, in that the heat and sun are here, together with conflicting same-day/time functions- except I feel so very-very different from those first few days, weeks. And so very-very blessed to have been here for three waves of yoga students, two seasons.

My humble littleplace will be hosting a function itself, tomorrow, with a talented kirtan-wallah from the US roping in flute and tabla from local musicians followed by a potluck dinner. Emptying out modest living room to make space for straw mats and clearing out second bedroom/“boudoir” to fit fridge and coffee table and diwan couch base that will serve as buffet area. Diwan itelf will rest on floor. Practicing packing, as more clothes than I’ve known what to do with and more cosmetics than I’ve succumbed to using hide in suitcase and rucksack and diwan couch base. Handy, that diwan couch. Playing scullery maid as steps are swept and floors mopped and counters scrubbed for my guests tomorrow. So excited to be finally having more than a couple of other people over at one time- something my euphemism for a studio apartment in NY does not allow for. Little neighborhood will not know what hits it tomorrow as bare-shouldered and –legged Westerners start arriving in droves and sweet bhajans start pouring out open doors and windows. So happy to be opening up my home and heart to everyone who comes.

Postscript- speaking of open hearts, Richard, my very first teacher whose teachings I spent much gold pursuing around the US, is here for just over a week with his family. Was thrilled to run into them a few days earlier than expected, last night, and spend some stolen moments catching up and getting caught up. Much love is there, still.

Can't wait to hear how the 'open house' went. Love, Perla
Wow I haven't seen/heard the word "scullery" in many many years! It's a word used by my grandmother in England in the 50's. I'm so curious how it entered your vocabulary. Perhaps it's in use in India?
Thanks for your delightful blog. Namaste. Les
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