Thursday, June 24, 2004

All passing 

Where do all the butterflies go when it is rainy? Do they hide and protect their shiny wings behind rocks and under leaves in anticipation of the rain to come? I thought the zillions of powdery light airborne kamikazis had reached the end of their fragile lives. Then we had a day that let the sun shine for a couple of hours and they appeared out of nowhere, knocking into my head and flitting about as if there was never a cloud or raindrop to impede their flight. Since then, we have had a string of spectacular warmer sunny pooldays- has the monsoon passed, already?

The seed of the idea of the passing nature of everything has been planted; I have found myself less, nay hardly, affected by a "bad" practiceday or cloudyday or disappointment since the landscape around and inside is teaching me it all passes, anyway. The butterflies go and come back, anyway.

I enjoyed this post. It's very simple yet meaningful. This past week has not felt like a good practice week. I've felt weak and my focus has been shaky. I know if I continue better days are yet to come. You just confirmed it for me. Thanks.
"...very simple yet meaningful"- not unlike with the practice itself at times, non? Thanks for your note, Joey- it means the world to me that something I commit to this little experiment has any impact on anyone. Have found that sometimes, the seeds for what I view as "great" practices have in fact been tended to and cultivated on those days when stuff is "paining" or doesn't seem to come together the way I am thinking I would like it to. Not unlike with life itself at times, non?
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