Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Two months 

There is a time to communicate and a time to assimilate. I suspect some of the latter is going on. Not much blogging or emailing, but lots of internalising and absorbing is there. Have been in Mysore for just over two months. Crazy-amazing, true. My spirits soar, still, every time I Scoot into my neighborhood, up the hill from the shala. My eyes shine, still, from the many acts of kindness and warmth I have been blessed to receive from the Indian people, in my neighborhood and in town and country and wherever I go. Practice is there, still. No Breakthroughs, but ever-evolving shifts are there. A focus refined, renewed, sharpened. A strength building, growing, staying. I think the calm and equanimity I am finding in these places, these months, will be the greatest gift I will take home with me. This is my hope, anyway.

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