Monday, May 24, 2004

Funny, that 

In NY, I relished every little bit of info or journaling or article or blog I could find on Mysore. Now here, month three, momentarily found myself drawn to nycbloggers.com and checking who in my neighborhood has a blog. The Strokes played Central Park, a coupla nights ago. It's been pretty hot and humid. Bryant Park Film Festival will be starting up soon. And I bet those sunsets from Riverside Park over the Hudson River are just about rockin'. But you can only see a sliver of sky at a time, compared to the vastness that is everywhere, here.

enjoyed your blog a great deal, as the place, surroundings and practice unfold bit by bit.
i will be in mysore end of sept. thanks for sharing.
Hi, and thanks! The Comments feature works! It's a ride, alright. Hope your trip to Mysore yields all you need it to (which is not always what you think you want it to).
reading your blog reinforces what i thought - no expectation, an open mind is the only thing i need to bring. i do look forward immensely to just arrive and soak in the environment and practice, unplugged from everything i'm familiar with.
i live in asia and was just in new york a week ago for work. it's certainly beautiful there. i walked around the park to practice @6am. it's a great experience!
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