Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Was so veryvery weak, for a while there. The parasite that ate my voice descended to my lungs. Where it took up permanent residence, resulting in green alien forms I spat out my mouth and blew out my noise, and a lovely bout of a sickness I was plagued by as a child but not since- bronchitis. Funny how it hits you were you are vulnerable. One other lady has the same flu she battled as a kid, others get diarrhea right off the plane (which I have managed to avoid thus far). Getting sick as you get here is almost a rite of passage among western students. I of course was going to be the one who didn’t fall prey. The miracle of antibiotics- from the first day I went on them, everything subsided. Luckily, I didn’t miss any practice (or afternoons at the pool or breakfasts or coconut-hangouts). It was a quiet weekend, with many leaving town from Thursday or Friday; big group to Goa, national parks, Hampi, Bangalore… I was happy to stick around and rest up. Saturday was a moonday, which was observed on Sunday which was a holiday- classes and conference canceled in observance of the South Indian new year, Ugadi, which celebrates the first day of Spring. An auspicious time for new beginnings, and the perfect time for me to move into my new littlehouse. We had led classes on Monday instead of Sunday, with Primary starting at the relatively earlyhour of 5:30, and Intermediate following.

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