Monday, March 01, 2004

Chilly feet 

Pre-trip jitters: what am I doing, going to India for nearly 5 months? Just the yoga is going to be about $1500, with little left for much else. Was elated as I flew out of the Indian Consulate on a sweet spring evening last week, six-month Visa in hand. Triumphant as I handed my travel agent (a garrulous Indian lady by the name of Shella) a check for $1,750, even. Calm as I met with the woman who will be taking care of my little place, while I am gone. Yet the knot in my throat, the twinge of sadness as I see spring's arrival, knowing I will miss my favorite seasons in the city, the lovely people at Eddie's, the rituals and routine that have kept me safe for a long while now. Returning to no money and no job, but hopefully a whole lot of heart and enough courage to see me through this.

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