Sunday, February 22, 2004


Seeing the tail-end of an almost-cold that saw me weak and sniffly for several days, with no breath for practice and little energy for much else. Went to work anyway. As I told suddenly-nice boss, I'd rather be there [making money] than in bed with the solo pity-party. So, I will work thru my last couple of days here, despite fantasies of taking a week or two off to focus on practice and practicalities; the money will make a difference, as does the fact that the situation is very tolerable. Today was a very joyous day at the shala, since Eddie is back, teaching. Smiles and sighs of relief all around. We've had some wonderful teachers in his absence, but his absence was felt, more so with his presence evident. I am so happy to see him, so happy to have a couple of weeks with him before I am off. Was talking to someone who is also planning the maiden voyage to Mysore, next month. Very exciting. He has friends already there to pave the ground for his arrival, which is nice. There are going to be a whole lotta New Yawkers there, next several weeks. Met someone I would love to have stay in place; hope to finalize the sublet and flights issues, in the next couple of days. Then, I think, this will all start to be more real. Really.

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