Saturday, December 06, 2003

One day 

Hindsight has unequivocally showed that my knees injury last winter was directly related to stress levels from work. Work is in an office with not-nice people and every day, every moment, I am pretty much practicing and on my edge- sometimes beyond it. So, I had one day when both these people were out of the office. Day was almost normal, whatever that may be. Practice the following morning, in utter defiance of 20-degree (minus much, Celsius) temps, was phe-no-me-nal. The kind of openness and lack of resistance I have glimpses of once in a while, it was there throughout. To the point where even Eddie had to commentate, amidst one “GOOD!” after the next- “Have you been watching those Richard Freeman videos again?!” Kinda makes you think. If just one day can make that kind of difference, how would things be if I did not spend all my day, every day, in one crappy situation after the next? Really makes you think. DaddyZym was not entirely impressed at the concept of my maybe working in a book store later this winter. Because I have a “good” job. If I were an actress, no one would mind if I went from one waittressing gig to the next. It shouldn’t matter what the dayjob is.

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