Thursday, December 04, 2003

Now and then 

Me? I am Tina with a long vaguely Greek-sounding last name. Living in New Yawk (or New Yuck, some days recently) City. Not sure when or what I will post, but I need this, so here it is. One spirally-circle coming to an end and starting a new revolution in similar yet different directions.

Know thy medium: My Chiotissa blog was a spinoff from my online posts about Guruji's 2002 NY workshop, direct transcription from my asana journal, when I kept one. I have made a few edits, included a few names and am sharing, again. How I quit smoking embarked on a daily Mysore practice finally found a teacher- and in the process, embarked on this new journey.

Now? How much difference a year makes. I am still me, but a changing, softening me, armed with the certainty of what my path is, needs to be. It all goes back to the practice, doesn’t it?

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